How to style: Checked blazers

Bijgewerkt: 12 mei 2019

The checked blazer flew in last season and is here to stay for a little while longer!

This trend is just effortless, timeless and ready for any occasion.

As we all have those days when we just wanna wear a comfy pair of sneakers this is what you need to pimp out your casual day outfit!

And if you live on another planet and didn't know yet...

Checked and the color red is just a match made in heaven!!!

Even we had to astray from our daily color palette (read: black, white, grey and neutrals)

But don't worry, for the little few of us who actually don't match with the color red, you can off course still match this with almost any other color. And if you read our post well, you know by any other color we actually mean, black, white, grey or neutrals, but by all means go wild and reach beyond our color palette!

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